About Us

As a team, we prefer our business to remain small, prodigiously creative, and empathetic to our customers. We're not perfect, but we're determined to deliver continuous excellence, and have fun doing it.

Our UK management and sales base is near Heathrow, London, whilst our wholly-owned software development operations are in Kiev, Ukraine. 

Our founder and President, Derek Mansfield, has enjoyed a varied career in publishing, advertising, directing commercials, and latterly the Net. He started working on the internet in 1992 by creating a worldwide translation network covering 40 offices in 29 countries with more than 3,000 translators.

In the mid 90's - and now wholly focused on the web - he became frustrated with the lack of skilled people in the UK and so spent two years assessing web development skills and work ethos around the world.

After visiting companies in India, China and other Central European countries he chose Ukraine as the best the world had to offer.

As a result, he set up production offices in Kharkiv in 1998 and moved the operation to Kiev in 2003.

For more information call +44 1784 460 064 in the UK or +1347 983 0157 in the USA

bigeasy|one is the brand name for our image and media library systems; the system was developed exclusively for the stock image market by our parent company Bold Endeavours Ltd.